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Restorative Treatments
  • Filling is done to treat tooth decay/carries that is at it's initial stage where no major damage has been done to roots and tooth pulp.

    There are two main types of fillings:

    Amalgam Filling - done using the traditional material (silver compound) and would be visibly non-aesthetic.
    Tooth coloured filling - which is the more preferred filling material made of composite or glass ionomer or compomer material. As the name goes - this type of filling is visibly aesthetic and would seem to be like the original tooth.

    Both types of filling have very similar strengths, thanks to the advancement in dental materials technology.

    The general cost of a tooth colored filling would be RM70 to RM120.

    Decayed Tooth

    Filling Done Using
    Tooth-coloured Material

  • A crown is done to restore the top surface of damaged tooth that has it's roots intact.

    Crown may be done using porcelain material bonded to non-precious metal or using full ceramic material. Crown normally lasts reasonably long and restores the tooth's normal function without any major discomfort.

    Crown allows the bite strength to remain normal and does not break on normal chewing.

    The general cost of a crown (porcelain bonded to non-precious metal) is RM550 per unit. Full ceramic crown costs RM1,000 per unit.

    Prepared Teeth

    Completed Crowns

  • Post crown is done in cases where the root canal is nonvital and has been treated.

    In this situation, a "post" is inserted to the remaining root and then a crown is put in place. This is like creating a reinforced foundation for the cap (crown).

    The cost of post and core is RM200 each to be added to the cost of crown as indicated above.

    Damaged Tooth

    Prepared & Post Inserted

    Post Crown Completed

  • If a tooth's nerve chamber becomes infected by decay or is damaged, root canal treatment may be used to save the tooth. This is a last remedy situation where this treatment may still save the original tooth without replacement.

    In this procedure, unhealthy pulp from the canal is cleaned and subsequently canals are filled with inert material.

    The general cost of a root canal treatment is RM350 to RM600 and requires 3 - 4 visits.

  • When one tooth or several teeth are completely lost; the choice to restore is between using dentures or constructing a bridge.

    Bridge is a preferred solution since it utilizes the adjacent teeth as an anchor to hold a set of "new" artificial tooth. Bridge gives the natural look and 'behaves' like natural tooth whereby daily removal and cleaning is not necessary. Regular brushing can continue as usual.

    The general cost of making a bridge is RM550 to RM1,000 depending on type of material. The number of units required to restore missing tooth varies depending on several factors and is best judged by a dentist.

    Missing Teeth

    Completed Bridge

  • Dentures are the "final frontiers" in tooth restoration.

    When all teeth are lost, there is no other options but to use full dentures. However in cases of partial teeth loss, patients may prefer a denture as against bridge due to the cost factor. Dentures require regular removal and cleaning.

    The are mainly two types of denture base:

    Plastic Base - these are cheaper and lighter but is also lower on durability.
    Chrome-cobalt Base - this is a stronger option and is generally known to give better comfort.
    Nylon Base - this is among the new generation materials used for denture base that gives obvious user comfort.

    The general cost of dentures are:

    For Acrylic Base RM120 base + RM30 per tooth.
    For Chrome-cobalt Base & Nylon Base RM420 base + RM30 per tooth.

Restorative Dental Treatments, Filling, Crown, Post Crown, Root Canal Treatment, Bridge Dentures

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