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Treatments - Check Up & Consulation
  • Regular Dental Check Up
    Regular dental check up is recommended every 6 months for children and adults. The purpose of a dental check up is to:

    Examine your oral hygiene status.
    Check conditions of your teeth.
    Check for signs of decay, gum problems and other signs of deterioration.

    Upon checking, you would be given a summary of your condition and if any treatment is required you will be advised on the options, cost and time required.

    The Malaysian Dental Association normally organizes a FREE Dental Check up month (around April each year). During this month check up is done free.

    Normal cost of a check up is RM10 - RM30.

  • X-Ray (Radiography) Examination
    X-Ray are done only if deemed necessary. This is normally done if tooth decay is in an advanced stage, tooth is broken or the tooth is not fully visible.

    X-Ray will give a more definitive view of the tooth in question.

    Normal cost of a X-Ray (radiography) - periapical view and bite wing is RM30 each.

Dental Treatments, Check Up, Consulation, X-Ray (Radiography) Examination

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