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Dental Tourism
This section is mainly for tourists from abroad or other Malaysian towns who wish to have a more comprehensive package to attend to their dental care procedures while on holiday in Kuala Lumpur or its vicinity.

JOON DENTAL CLINIC is situated 30 km from Kuala Lumpur (approximately 30 minutes by car) and about 35 minutes by car from Kuala Lumpur International Airport.

See our Location map for more details.

We are able to provide a comprehensive service that may include the following:

Airport pick up and drop off.
Alternately - we may provide pick up/drop off from your hotel.
Schedule a complete treatment plan to suit your travel and tour itinerary.

Below is some information that would be helpful for your travel planning:

Treatment Approximate Cost Time Required No of Visits Interval Between Visits
Whitening - Beyond Whitening System RM 1,200 1 hour 1 visit -
Crown – porcelain bonded to non-precious metal RM 550 2 hours 2-3 visits 1 day [1st > 2nd visit]
7-10 days [2nd > 3rd visit]
Crown – full ceramic RM 1,500
Crown – with post/core Add RM200 each to above
Bridge Same as crown 2 hrs 2-3 visits 1 day [1st > 2nd visit]
7-10 days [2nd > 3rd visit]
Fillings/extractions RM70 – RM120 1 hrs (depending on cavity) 1 visit -
Surgical extraction RM120-RM400 1-2 hrs 1 visit
Minor oral surgery for impacted wisdom tooth RM500 (incl Xrays, medication & follow up) 1-2 hrs 1 visit (+1 follow up after 7 days)
Scaling & polishing RM70-RM150 (add RM40 if air polishing required) 1 hrs 1 visit

Note: A first step for any of the above treatment is an evaluation of your dental hygiene. If there is any infection or you are on blood thinning medication treatment may have to be deferred. Treatment should not be rushed based on travel schedule by compromising the health and safety of the patient.

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