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Our Facilities
In this "information age" we find people requiring more and more specific information in all aspects be it education, food, exercise, fashion or even vacation. Similarly, dental patients have grown better informed and thus making it easier to explain syndromes and oral hygiene conditions.

At Joon Dental Clinic, we equip ourselves to provide our patrons with precise information that would enable them to make an informed decision as to the choices of available treatments. Some key equipment that helps us do this include:

  • Helps us determine the inner conditions of a tooth and also show our patrons the images to enable them to have a better understanding of the proposed treatment procedure.

    By understanding the procedure, patients will be mentally prepared and this greatly reduces their anxiety.

    X-Ray safety information:

    Our X-Ray room walls have an in-built lead shield that prevents stray radiation from escaping into the environment and affecting others who may be close by.
    Our X-Ray room has been inspected and certified fit by the Health Ministry by which the Department of Atomic Energy Licensing has issued us with a valid license to operate the X-Ray unit.
    X-Rays in dental clinics are of a very low radiation and does not affect children, adults or senior adults. However, it is NOT recommended to be used for pregnant ladies.


  • Our intra-oral camera is able to capture images of patron's mouth showing their teeth condition on a large screen television.

    This immensely helps a patient see clearly the condition of a tooth and understand the dentist's explanation on the proposed treatment options.

    The images also helps see the changes after treatment.

  • This is a facility specifically designed to provide maximum clarity to patrons on the information provided and to assist patrons understand the dental terminology and issues being discussed.

    Here we have slides, photographs and diagrams to illustrate the discussed subject clearly.

Dental/Dentist Facilities, X-Ray Unit, Intra-oral Camera, Patient Discussion Facility

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